New edition of the commentary on the Austrian Citizenship Act: Co-author Dr. Georg Rihs comments on two paragraphs (§ 13 and § 14 StbG)

New publication of current commentary on the Austrian Citizenship Act

We recently received the new edition of the commentary on Austrian citizenship law Plunger/Esztegar/Eberwein, StbG2 (2023), hot off the press. This is now also available in well-stocked specialist bookshops (link to the publisher’s webshop).

On 1102 pages, the authors deal with all applicable provisions of the current citizenship law. Numerous references to the case law of the Administrative and Constitutional Court offer profound insights into this central and important legal matter. The authors comprehensively discuss the practice of the citizenship authorities and subject it to a jurisprudentially sound critique.

Dr. Rihs has co-authored a commentary on the provisions of § 13 and § 14 of the Austrian Citizenship Act. These two provisions allow persons who have lost their Austrian citizenship for certain reasons and stateless persons to (re)acquire Austrian citizenship.

The path to Austrian citizenship

According to the case law of the Administrative Court, the granting of Austrian citizenship should represent the conclusion and culmination of successful integration in Austria.

Applicants must apply to the competent citizenship authority for the granting of Austrian citizenship. The citizenship authorities only grant citizenship if an applicant fulfills all the requirements of the Austrian Citizenship Act (StbG). The administrative procedure that precedes the granting of Austrian citizenship is complicated and lengthy. An applicant for citizenship can help to shorten the duration of the procedure through good preparation and efficient representation.

Citizenship law is the subject of legal policy discussions. The legislator, the administrative courts and the authorities contribute to the constant further development of citizenship law.

We constantly represent clients before citizenship authorities, administrative courts and the Constitutional Court as well as the Administrative Court in citizenship proceedings.

Our profile in the area of citizenship law

We are constantly dealing with current topics in the legal areas of our specialization – including citizenship law. If time permits, we publish in these areas of law. Our articles in specialist journals and commentaries complement our practical work and help us to penetrate the legal matter to the benefit of our clients.

We are happy to use the knowledge and experience we have acquired for our clients and thus achieve ongoing success before authorities and courts.

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