Energy Law

  • We advise and represent companies in the energy sector, for instance operating in the field of generation of or trade with electrical power.
  • We analyze the settings for the permit necessary for the operation of an electrical power generation site, e.g. in the regional regulations on electricity, the federal laws pertaining to water and waterways and other applicable legislation.

Feel free to consult those if you wish to operate micro hydro unit and plan to transmit the generated electrical power to the customer directly („direct line“). In this case, the promise to clarify and ensure legal settings for a quantification on the electrical power lines as „direct lines“ and we help you with the possible civil and administrative measures in the face of planning and constructing the „direct line“. We can assist you with legal certainty qualification of electricity line and represent your interests against the local energy supplier.

Is your company plans to construct electricity lines for the distribution of electrical power to clients, we mail for our help with regards to the clarification of the necessary administrative approvals, e.g. under the High-power Current Act, the applicable regional legislation on the protection of the environment and others. We may also represent you in the administrative proceedings before the authorities to obtain the requisite permissions and approvals.

If the public interest demands administrative rulings on obligations to tolerate construction works and permanent usage of land in the course of the construction of electricity lines, we help you and necessary proceedings of expropriation.

Contact us today if you have questions with regards to our legal services for electrical power suppliers and network operators!