Fees and Billing

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First meeting to understand your needs

To start advising you, we want to understand your situation, and give you a sense of the legal context. We do this in a first case meeting.

To book a meeting with Dr. Rihs, please use our online booking tool.

At your meeting with Dr. Georg Rihs, we can give you a first analysis of your case. We offer both in-person and video call meetings. After the meeting, we will share a written summary with you via e-mail. This will include an assessment of the chances and costs of pursuing your case. We offer a short and a regular version for our initial case meetings. The regular option (50 minutes) gives us more time to answer your questions.

In urgent cases, we recommend you to book a 3-hours priority package. This will allow us to get started on your case right away. The package includes an initial consultation plus further legal services.

Transparent hourly billing and flat rate

After the first meeting, we operate on an hourly fee basis.

We will provide you with an estimate of the required time and budget to resolve your case upfront. Our billing is transparent. Any invoice includes a detailed description of the services provided. We also offer flat rate pricing options tailored to your individual needs.

Civil actions – Attorney‘s Fee Rate Act

In civil actions, the compensation of attorney’s costs is determined by the Attorney’s Fee Rate Act. It depends on the value of the claim, and other aspects of the case. Also note that the losing party is ordered to compensate the winning party for their fees and costs.

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