Legal Proceedings

  • The enforcement of civil claims, e.g. damages resulting from a car accident, damages for pain and suffering or claims for the protection of property are an important part of our daily routine.
  • Besides our special and acknowledged expertise in the field of public law, enforcing your claims outside court and before civil courts is one of the strength of our office.
  • Besides damages for pain and suffering, claims for performance and affirmative actions, we have successfully assisted clients in rental causes, e.g. actions for eviction, in actions for an injunction and with government liability. Whenever necessary, we help secure your claims with an application for an interim injunction.

We regularly cooperate with legal protection insurances in order to enforce your claims and rights outside court and before the civil courts. Following an initial consultation, we offer to contact your legal protection insurance to clarify if your expenses are covered by your policy.

  • Outside court, we contact debtors (e.g. opponents in a car accident) and indemnity insurances. In many instances, our intervention helps avoid a court action. Our primary goal is to achieve your goals swiftly, efficiently and economically!
  • In civil actions, we can represent you and enforce your claims at any Austrian court. We develop procedural strategies, file the requisite submissions to court (actions for collection, regular actions, counter statements, preparatory statements etc.).
  • If a criminal case is pending in connection with your claims, e.g. following a car accident due to bodily injury, we may defend you if your are accused or enforce your claims as private party (victim). Criminal proceedings, e.g. in connection with a car accident, may be decisive for the further regulation of damages at court or with involved indemnity insurances. Therefore, ready at this early stage would strongly recommend efficient representation by an attorney.
  • In the further proceedings following an action we also submit legal remedies (appeals, redresses, appeals to the Austrian Supreme Court) and counter statements.

With a verdict, your claims become legally enforceable. After the expiration of the deadline for legal remedies, you may take further legal steps and enforce your claims with the help of the execution courts. With ample experience with enforcing your claims in all the standardized proceedings for the enforcement at court, including actions to object to an enforceable claim.

We dedicate our legal accuracy, passion and efficiency to the enforcement of your claims, be it in civil actions before the civil courts or enforcement of verdicts before the courts of execution.

We will guide you safely and competently through the legal process. They represent you in legal proceedings before courts of appeal and the Austrian Supreme Court. Following the expiry of legal deadlines for legal remedies, we will offer our expertise and experience at courts of execution!