Residence Permit – Student: Application, Evidence, Documents

Summer time, vacation time – many students prepare for the coming university year 2019/2020. Many come to Vienna and plan to study at one of the renowned universities or colleges.

We gladly advise and assist in proceedings before the immigration authorities. Contact us early in order to avoid costly and risky mistakes like an overstay of the validity of your visa/visa-free stay.

Key words: residence permit student, application for a residence permit in Austria, duration of legal stay in Austria, proof of sufficient financial funds.

Students from outside the European Union planning to study in Austria have to apply timely for a “residence permit – student”.

An application may be submitted in Austria during their legal stay. However, submitting an application does not entitle the applicant to stay in Austria beyond the validity of his/her visa. The regular immigration regulations (e.g. maximum stay of 90 days in a period of 180 days) still apply.

The competent immigration authority (in Vienna: “Magistratsabteilung 35”) checks if the applicant has been legally staying in Austria at the time of application and afterwards. Even a short overstay may result in a rejection.

Frequently, the proof of sufficient financial funds for the stay and studies in Austria is burdensome.

You may contact as anytime for an initial consultation and further assistance with your application and proceedings before the immigration authority (in Vienna: Magistratsabteilung 35). We have years of routine and experience in immigration affairs, including student visas and residence permits for students.

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Presentation: Commentary on the Austrian Citizenship Act

On 10 July 2017, Georg Rihs was invited as co-author to a book presentation of a commentary on the Austrian Citizenship Act. Congratulations to the organizers and editors Helgo Eberwein, Balazs Esztegar und Martin Plunger.

Georg Rihs contributed as co-author to this publication, relying on his year-long practical experience with naturalizatino cases.

RIHS Rechtsanwalt GmbH will gladly advixe and assisst with its expertise in your planned naturalization in Austria!


PatG – Commentary to paragraph 30, 31, 32 Austrian Patent Act and paragraph 27 Austrian Act on the Implementation of the European Patent Agreement and the Agreement on the International Cooperation in the field of patents in Stadler/Koller (editors), Austrian Pa-tent Act. Commentary (2019)

The contribution to the commentary treats on the specific commercial regulations in the Austrian Patent Act. It comprehensively covers the respective case law and legal literature.

According to these regulations, patent holders enjoy special privileges/exceptions from the regular administrative commercial regulations (“commercial privilege”). They may operate their inventions commercially without a registration with the commercial register. The commented provisions (inter alia) regulate the legal requirements and settings for the compliant operation of this privilege by the patent holder.

In addition, the executive provisions of the Austrian Patent Act are commented on.

RIHS Attorney is proud to recur to their expertise in public commercial law and trade law as well as administrative law for this contribution to a comprehensive commentary on the Austrian Patent Act!

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