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5th COVID-19 Emergency Measures Ordinance, Federal Law Gazette II 475/2021 (“Lockdown”) – largely unrestricted office operations

Dear clients,

As of 22 November 2021, the Austrian Minister of Health has ordered a new “lockdown”, see 5th COVID-19 Emergency Measures Ordinance, Federal Law Gazette II 475/2021. As a matter of principle, services related to the administration of justice are exempt from the general prohibition on entering client areas – as was already the case in the previous “lockdowns” (§ 7 para 6 no 16 5th COVD-19 Emergency Measures Ordinance). Therefore, law firm operations will be maintained largely unrestricted.

We continue to offer consultation appointments, but preferably by telephone or video conference. We have used the past months to bring the office technically up to date. All workstations in the office have Voice Over IP and video telephony connectivity. We and our staff have been familiar with the use of these technical aids for several months and can thus provide our consulting and representation services to you as usual and without any restrictions.

Please contact the office at office@rihs.law or +43 1 532 11 38 to reserve an appointment for a telephone consultation or video conference.

We will, of course, summarize the results of a telephone or video consultation appointment for you in writing and transmit our summary with the legal conclusions by e-mail or mail to ensure maximum benefit for you from our consultation and representation services.

In urgent cases, there is also the possibility of a personal consultation at the office premises. Based on the experience of past lockdowns, we can guarantee that they will be carried out under safe and epidemiologically harmless conditions. We ask you in advance to wear an FFP2 mask during your stay in the office premises. We, Dr. Georg Rihs and the staff will also wear FFP2 masks during the reception and the consultations themselves.

Your RIHS Attorney Team

Business hours during COVID-19 pandemic

Our office will be open during the regular business hours over the course of COVID-19 pendemic.

RIHS Rechtsanwalt GmbH will be fully available for you and assist you with the enforcement of your legal interests.
For consultations, we provide our services without limitations, preferrably via telephone of videoconference.
In accordance with the measures by the Austrian Parliament and authorities aiming at the containment of the Corona-pandemy, we will continuously operate for the administration of justice’s and legal certainty’s sake.

Please contact us if you wish additional information, legal advise and representation in any legal aspects!

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