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5th COVID-19 Emergency Measures Ordinance, Federal Law Gazette II 475/2021 ("Lockdown") - largely unrestricted office operations

Dear clients, As of 22 November 2021, the Austrian Minister of Health has ordered a new "lockdown". As a matter of principle, services related to the administration of justice are exempt from the general prohibition on entering client areas - as was already the case in the previous "lockdowns". Therefore, law firm operations will be maintained largely unrestricted. We continue to offer consultation appointments, but preferably by telephone or video conference. Please contact the office at office@rihs.law or +43 1 532 11 38 to reserve an appointment for a telephone consultation or video conference. We will, of course, transmit our summary with the legal conclusions by e-mail or mail as before to ensure maximum benefit for you from our consultation and representation services. In urgent cases, there is also the possibility of a personal consultation at the office premises.

New Publication on the Subject of Energy Law Grid Operators' Line Rights

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Georg Rihs has published an article in the journal Recht der Umwelt (RdU) on the subject of pipeline rights and easements held by (electricity) network operators. The article deals with the legal basis for the use of third-party land by electricity network operators. In the past, network operators have often based their claims on the fact that they are "obvious easements" (lines, pylons) on third-party land. However, such easements are only granted to a specific person who exercises them. A legal succession or a change on the part of the electricity grid operator may lead to the expiry of this easement. Case law also supports the assumption that private-law line rights/obligations do not automatically pass to a legal successor. Landowners whose land is encumbered by lines can question the legality of the network operators' line rights on their land. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about third-party pipeline rights on your land!

Tobacco Monopoly: Federal Procurement Law Applicable!

Our office has achieved another groundbreaking victory for the rule of law in Austria: With its decision dated 20 July 2021, Ra 2019/04/0231, the Austrian Supreme Administrative Court has ruled that the award of contracts for tobacco shops and tobacconists falls within the scope of the Federal Law on Public Procurement for Concessions.The award of contracts for tobacco shops in Austria has regularly been administered by the Monopoly Administration ltd, a state-hold body. In the past, the practice of this body has been intransparent. Austrian media also covered and criticized the administrative decisions of this body. Highly-frequented tobacco shops on public places generate seven-digit turnovers in the sale of cigarettes and tobacco alone. Additionally, the operation of a tobacco store allows for lucrative side-businesses like sales of lottery tickets etc. Presently, all tobacconists are awarded life-long. Consequently, traceability and transparency in the award of tobacco shops is crucial.