Upcoming presentation on solar power generation (23 Nov 2022) Focus on roof-top solar power plants

A panel of experts is invited to provide legal presentations on the topic „How may companies contribute to climate protection“ in an event organized by Attorney Mag. Silberbauer. The event is also supported by the daily newspaper „Der Standard“. „Der Standard“ has recently promoted the event. Please find further information under “Der Standard”.

Dr. Georg Rihs has been asked to report on the latest developments in the field of energy law. Due to the climate crisis, the rising costs of electricity and the political motivation to subsidize renewable energy, the subject is highly topical.

In the past, we have regularely published and treated on topics related to energy law. Dr. Georg Rihs has published articles with focus on renewable energies and decentralized energy production and distribution (Link).

The presentation comprises an introduction into the European framework and the applicable  Austrian regulations for solar power plants, like the electricity laws, the regulations on land use and construction and related civil law issues.

The presentation is scheduled for 23 November 2022, 11.45 AM.

For us, the presentation provides an excellent occasion to present our expertise in the field of the regulations on renewable energy to a broader public. We also consider this presentation as a contribution to climate protection.

The presentation shall be published in a conference transcript and in a legal journal.

Please do not hesitate to contacts us if you have legal questions regarding the installation of a solar power plant!